Coping with {putting yourself out there}

Hello Fellow Coping Enthusiast! I'm so glad you are reading this; I am currently cold calling the universe and putting myself and a new coping philosophy that I developed fully out there. So if you are here, that means maybe this jumbled dream I have in my mind might actually have some teeth.

My dream is to build a supportive, realistic, fun community so that we can learn how to cope more effectively together. Coping effectively is the path to our best mental health life. Rest assured, your best mental health life isn't some toxically positive snooze fest. Quite the opposite; it is where you learn to ride the bull of your mental health in the rodeo of life. It is where you magically transform the challenges that you face into the triumphs you've conquered. Except there is no real magic outside of the magic of you taking consistent, small, intentional steps to care for your mental health and pay attention to yourself. That's what this club is all about, delivering ongoing, accessible, fun mental health tidbits to help support your journey to Conscious Coping. Also, it helps my journey. When we support and share with each other, it amplifies the benefits.

It is a big dream and a pretty big gamble to start a "Coping Club." But it is not a frivolous endeavor, for how we cope isn't just essential for us but for those around us. Conscious Coping is a radical approach, and I feel in my bones that there will be great power in building a community to support and celebrate these ideas.Alas, I am still human, and the truth is I've been shaking with insecurity about this launch for days. So amid the insecurity, I sought our resources that helped me feel more empowered. I got a new haircut, and I started practicing speaking my intentions for each day out loud before jumping into the never-ending challenges of any given day. I called two good friends who reminded me of my skills, power, and support. I spent some time reminding myself that part of who I am at my very core is to play around while doing meaningful work.

I coped with my feelings of insecurity, and I made it to now, where I will shortly post this and officially start this experiential community. So jump in, join the club by subscribing, and start supporting yourself and others in learning new, more effective ways to cope.

Keep on coping with the tough things

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